Meet with NIH Technology Transfer at BIO

schedule a meeting with us using BIO’s partnering platform or stop by booth #903 to learn about partnering with the nih to license or collaborate on one of our 1700+ available inventions

Are you interested in learning about how to license from or collaborate with the NIH? Since the 1970s, the Intramural Research Program (IRP) has served as the in-house research and clinical arm of the NIH. Despite our success, many potential industry collaborators and licensees still see NIH solely as a basic research center funding academic research and publishing academic papers. If you want to learn what sets the NIH apart as premier technology transfer partner and learn how to partner with us, stop by booth #903 within the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s pavilion at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s 2024 International Convention. 

Many of NIH’s technology transfer experts, including the Director of the Office of Technology Transfer, Tara Kirby, the Unit Supervisor of the Technology Analysis and Marketing Unit of the National Cancer Institute’s Technology Transfer Center, Michael Salgaller, and OTT Special Advisor, Steve Ferguson who has over 4 decades of technology transfer experience, will be at our booth and taking partnering meetings. You can schedule partnering meetings with NIH Tech Transfer through BIO’s partnering portal