LES Webinar to Feature NIH Licensed Product Yescarta®

LES webinar featuring Andy Burke

The Licensing Executives Society (LES) is hosting a webinar featuring the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Andy Burke discussing Yescarta’s® journey from development to licensing.

The presentation will address two topics related to licensing efforts of NCI. The first, a case study on the CAR-T product axicabtagene ciloleucel (sold under the brand name Yescarta®), will cover the development history of this ground-breaking therapy from the NCI technology transfer perspective. The second will be a brief discussion of NCI’s exclusive licensing practices as they concern important technologies in the adoptive cell therapy space. This will touch on how the NCI leverages federal licensing statute (e.g., 37 CFR § 404) to maximize utilization and public benefit of these inventions.

Dr. Andrew Burke is a Senior Technology Transfer Manager for the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Technology Transfer Center. The webinar will be held on December 12, 2023 at 2pm EST. Further information and registration can be found on the LES website.