Guide to Tech Transfer Opportunities in Maryland

Guide to Tech Transfer Opportunities in Maryland. Expand your work with abundant federal assets.

The Maryland Department of Economic Development just released a great new guide to technology transfer in Maryland. Maryland is home to 78 federal laboratories, including 27 Institutes/Centers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is filled with excellent partnering opportunities.

This resource provides information on why Maryland makes an excellent choice, how to identify your tech transfer target and request, assistance in finding the right partnerships, partnering with the government, and an overview of the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s role.

The technology transfer program at the NIH is one of the featured programs in the new publication. NIH’s section highlights the types of potential tech transfer partners for NIH, research opportunities, and specific Institutes and Centers that are available for partnering with or licensing from.

If you are interested in collaborating on or licensing technology to move it from the lab to the commercial sector, check out this guide.

If you would like to check out current opportunities from NIH, click here.