Don’t Miss World Intellectual Property Day!

World IP Day

World Intellectual Property (IP) Day is April 26th. This is a global event dedicated to industry inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs and how they achieve their goals through the use of IP. This year’s event theme is IP and Youth Innovating for a Better Future. It is focused on young people and their potential to find new and better solutions that support the transition to a sustainable future.

There are around 1.8 billion ‘young people’ in the world today, with the proportion of people under the age of 35 set to increase in the coming years. They are digital natives; people who grew up in an environment where the lines between the physical and digital world are blurred. This has created a generation that is arguably the most entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative yet. Millennials and Gen Z are known to be change-markers; they are not afraid to speak out and challenge the status quo. That is why this year’s event is focusing on how IP rights can support today’s youth as we all aim to create a better future.

This campaign intends to teach young people how to use the tools of the IP system – trademarks, design rights, copyright, patents, and more. The focus will also be looking at how to support national and regional efforts to create a legal and policy environment for young entrepreneurs to thrive. 

Some activities you can do before World IP Day include nominating someone for the World IP Day 2022 Youth Video Competition or taking the World Ip Day 2022: Survey on Youth and IP.

For more information, head over to the World IP Day website.