Attend the MedInvest Oncology Investor Conference to hear from Two Experts on Tech Transfer at NIH

NIH Tech Transfer Professionals Speaking at MedInvest Oncology Investor Conference

If you are interested in collaborating on an oncology-related technology, don’t miss the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Michael Salgaller and the Office of Technology Transfer’s (OTT) Steven Ferguson’s presentation at the MedInvest Oncology Investor Conference from December 7-10, 2021.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to learn about NIH as a premier technology transfer partner, how the process at the NIH works, and a chance to ask questions! This is a great opportunity to hear from experts on technology transfer at the NIH. Both Salgaller and Ferguson have an in-depth knowledge of how the licensing and collaboration process works as well as information on the available technologies from NCI and all other NIH institutes and centers.

Salgaller leads the Invention Development and Marketing Unit (IDMU) within the Technology Transfer Center at NCI. He has over 20 years of scientific and investment experience and is ready to help foster licensing and collaboration activities between your organization and NCI. Ferguson is a Special Advisor at OTT and brings 30+ years of experience on how to set up successful partnerships with NIH and utilize a variety of available opportunities for your own company.

Registration is through the MedInvest Conferences website, which you can access here. The webinar will be held virtually and feature 45-50 presenting companies, 8-10 keynotes and panels, and one-on-one meetings.

In the meantime, take a look at the available technologies for licensing or collaboration at the NIH, or this month’s featured technology!