Artificial Intelligence in detecting Cervical Precancers

NCI research team, led by Dr. Mark Schiffman at Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG), is conducting a “Cervix Image Sharing Protocol (CISP)” study on artificial intelligence (AI) approach for better and low-cost screening and diagnosis of cervical cancer. TTC executed 14 Data Transfer Agreements (DTAs) with institutions worldwide for the development of algorithms to detect cervical precancers based on cervical images. Under the DTA, NCI provides the institutions with digital cervical images and accompanying clinical data from large epidemiological studies on HPV and cervical cancer screening. 

AI approach outperformed human experts in identifying cervical precancer and holds the promise to prevent cervical cancer in low resource settings.

For further detail on the study, please see the News Release by the NCI Press:

For technologies related to the Artificial Intelligence Approach, please click the following link here.