Antibodies for Therapeutic to Prevent Hearing Loss Available for Licensing

Licensing Opportunity: Antibodies for Therapeutic to Prevent Hereditary Hearing Loss

The transmembrane channel-like gene 1 (TMC1) protein is required for the transduction of sound into electrical impulses in inner ear sensory cells. Mutations to TMC1 is one of the common causes hereditary hearing loss. Inventors at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) developed antibodies that specifically bind to the TMC1 protein as a treatment for hearing loss. 

NIDCD used synthetic peptides corresponding to the TMC1 protein to immunize rabbits and found that the resulting antisera were shown to bind to the TMC1 protein expressed in heterologous expression systems. While there are currently other commercially available antibodies to TMC1, they do not appear to be as sensitive or specific or as carefully characterized as the antibodies generated in this invention. 

NIDCD is seeking a licensee for this technology. Further information can be found on the Antibodies to TMC1 Protein for Hearing Loss abstract