Announcement: Public Teleconference with Dr. William D. Figg of the National Cancer Institute to discuss the use of CYP1B1*3 genotyping to predict overall survival in patients with prostate cancer prior to treatment with docetaxel

The technology is an exciting discovery in the field of prostate, breast and lung cancer genetic markers having profound clinical applications in defining the optimal chemotherapeutic treatment schedule for each individual patient. This genetic marker (CYP1B1*3) can potentially be used as a prognostic tool to predict survival rate in patients prior to treatment, and to assess their propensity to respond to docetaxel treatment when being treated not only for androgen-independent prostate cancer (AIPC) but also for breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, head and neck cancer. A detailed technology description was published in the Federal Register on May 2, 2007 [72 FR 24322].

Licensing and collaborative research opportunities will also be discussed.

Date and Time: Monday, May 21, 2007 at 1:30 PM (EDT)

Contact: Mojdeh Bahar (Email:; Phone: 301-435-2950) for details and Call-in instructions.