How do I use this site?


Are you looking for

  • Technologies in a disease area?
  • Technologies by stage of development?
  • Licensing opportunities?
  • Collaborations?

On any page (including this one), you should see a sidebar that looks like this – 

Chose appropriate options and click "Apply" to find what you are looking for quickly.

Looking for a technology by it's NIH OTT reference number (aka "E" number)?

  • You can use the search sidebar and type in any part of the reference number
  • or directly access it as follows:< a=""> NUMBER>>

e.g. will bring up the technology listed under the reference number E-761-2013

Looking for technologies developed at a particular NIH Institute, CDC or FDA?

Either use the search dialog box described above, or directly access the institute or center's technologies by typing in the following:< a=""> OF INSTITUTE/CENTER>>

e.g. /ic/nei will bring up all technologies developed at National Eye Institute

Looking for...

  • inventors?
  • Inventions by a particular Inventor?

- You can directly search for an inventor by his/her last name in the search box on the right.

- While viewing any abstract, click on the 'more inventions' link as follows:

- Another way is to directly type in the inventor's first and last name into the URL as follows –

e.g. will bring up all inventions by Dr. John Beutler

Looking for updates on...

  • NIH OTT News?
  • New Technologies/Opportunities?

Use our RSS feeds page and import any link into an RSS reader such as MS Outlook –

Looking for ways to get full data streams of NIH Technologies?

Go to our Open Data page and choose any method of getting data streams. We recommend our NIH OTT APIs.

Looking for Royalties information?

Everything you want to know as an inventor regarding royalties, including the correct contact person for you is listed here –

Looking for someone to contact?

All our contacts are listed here:

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