Patents FAQ

The Patents Report contains NIH and CDC patents currently managed by the NIH.

Patent Application Codes

AP: ARIPO regional patent1
CIP: Continuation-in-part patent2
CPA: Continued prosecution application (no longer in use)2
CN: Hong Kong or Macau standard patent based on Chinese patent3
CON: Continuation patent2
DIV: Divisional patent2
EA: Eurasian regional patent1
EP: European regional patent1
FWC: File wrapper continuation patent (no longer in use)2
National Stage: National stage (or phase) patent2
OA: OAPI regional patent1
ORD: Non-provisional, ordinary examination patent claiming no prior priority date (no longer in use)2
PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty patent2
PCT COMB: PCT patent that claims priority to one or more previous patent applications2
PRV: Provisional patent application2
REEXAM: Reexamination patent2
REISSUE: Reissue patent2
SIR: Statutory invention registration2


1 See Type of Protection Available via the PCT in PCT Contracting States (
2 See Chapter 0200 Types and Status of Application; Benefit and Priority Claims (
3 See Patent basics (


Patent Status Codes

Abandoned: The application or patent is no longer active
Expired: The patent has reached the end of its term
Issued: The patent has been granted and is in force
Pending: The application has bee nfiled but is not yet granted