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Human Research Information System (HuRIS)

Lead Inventor
Vahabzadeh, Massoud (NIDA)
Mezghanni, Mustapha (NIDA)
Lin, Jia-Ling (NIDA)
Leff, Michelle (NIDA)
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The available system is the Human Research Information System (HuRIS), an integrated advanced clinical/research informatics series of systems—that is, an intelligent electronic environment for the collection, organization and retrieval of information in clinical/scientific decision support—which enables data and resource sharing in real time among authorized users at our clinics. (Individual systems or subsystems may be licensable.)

Users on both the clinical side (e.g., doctors writing medication orders or nurses recording participants’ vital signs) and on the research side (e.g., researchers conducting data analysis or completing reporting requirements) have access to the information on demand. At the core of this informatics infrastructure reside the clinical charts and research records of participants compiled over the entire history of their study participation, and sometimes across multiple studies. The computerized recording of participants’ information starts from the time of their initial consent for screening. Data collected by our intake personnel under a screening protocol become part of the participants’ clinical research records. This recording continues as participants are admitted to a clinical trial and persists throughout their progress within the prescribed activities until they are discharged. The electronic recording of participants’ activities enables the use of this information as a research resource to different groups at different locations, in current and future protocols, as permitted by human subjects’ protection regulations.

The HuRIS has a number of intelligent decision systems built-in for real-time or on-demand query as well as HL-7 communications with external laboratories for data exchange, and it seamlessly communicates with our Human Biospecimen Tracking System. User permissions to access various components of the system are centrally controlled and all access is logged.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Mature solution developed with contributions by numerous physicians, scientists, and treatment professionals at all levels
  • Low-cost mechanism
  • Proven advantage in prior clinical studies

Commercial Applications:

  • Hospital Information Management
  • Clinical Research Information Management
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Biospecimens Tracking System
  • Laboratory Information Management
  • Behavioral Modification/Addiction Treatment
Licensing Contact:
Baxter, Merissa