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Automated Identification of Subjects at Risk of Multiple Sclerosis (AIMS)

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Lead Inventors
Pascal Sati (NINDS)
Daniel Reich (NINDS)
Sunil Patil (Siemens Medical Solutions USA)
This technology includes an automated and non-invasive assessment system called Automated Identification of subjects at risks of Multiple Sclerosis (AIMS) to assist clinicians in their diagnostic evaluation. A focus of AIMS is the ‘central vein sign’ (and other radiological findings). The methodology is composed of the following features:
  1. Ultra-fast high-resolution susceptibility imaging of the brain using novel MRI technique called 3D segmented echo-planar-imaging
  2. Novel MRI contrasts (e.g., FLAIR*, QSM) using advanced processing
  3. Fully automated detection for brain lesions, central vein sign and lesion rims, using novel statistical/machine-learning techniques
AIMS will ultimately generate a report describing all the information obtained from the image analysis and will classify the patients as either a low risk or high risk for MS.
Commercial Applications
There are no commercially-available tools for automatically detecting central veins in cerebral plaques and assisting clinicians in the diagnosis of MS using radiological findings.
Competitive Advantages
AIMS is the first non-invasive automated assessment of the ‘central vein sign’ (small veins inside lesions) in patient brains.

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