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Highly-sensitive and Dynamic Biomarkers for Intrathecal Inflammation for Neuroimmunological Diseases

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Lead Inventors
Bibiana Bielekova (NINDS)
Mika Komori (NINDS)
The technology relates to the identification and validation of eight biomarkers for active central nervous system (CNS) intrathecal inflammation. The management of neuroimmunological diseases is severely hindered by an inability to reliably measure intrathecal inflammation. Current laboratory tests, that were developed over 40 years ago, do not capture low to moderate levels of CNS inflammation and provide limited information about its phenotype. The identified biomarkers include five useful soluble biomarkers (sCD27, sCD21, sCD14, IL-12p40, IL-8) and three composite markers 9sCD27/T cells, sCD21/B cells, sCD14/monocytes).
Commercial Applications
Broad implementation of these biomarkers to the clinic would revolutionize clinical care for neuroimmunological patients by:
  • Providing highly-sensitive markers to identify and quantify the level of intrathecal inflammation
  • Judge the phenotype associated with the intrathecal inflammation to aid in diagnosis
  • Serve as a pharmacodynamic marker for the development of immunomodulatory agents
Competitive Advantages
The developed and validated biomarkers here greatly outperform currently available laboratory tests. The biomarkers described here have much higher sensitivity/specificity and are dynamic, responding acutely to effective therapies.

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