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Development of a Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody for the pT707 Phosphorylated Site of Neuroligin-4 (NLHN4)

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Lead Inventors
Katherine Roche (NINDS)
John Badger (NINDS)
Michael Bemben (NINDS)
This technology includes the creation and use of a polyclonal antibody for Neuroligin-4, NLGN4, that was created by injecting a peptide surrounding the pT707 phosphorylation site into rabbits and affinity purifying the resulting serum. Neuroligin-4 is a member of the neuroligin family of cell adhesion proteins. This family has been shown to play a role in the maturation and function of the neuronal synapse and has been implicated in patients with autism and intellectual disability.
Commercial Applications
The polyclonal antibody against NLGN4 can be potentially used as a biomarker for autism.
Competitive Advantages
This is currently the only antibody to detect the phosphorylation site pT707 of Neuroligin-4. It is also the only antibody that is also specific to Neuroligin 4 in humans.

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