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Development of a polyclonal antibody that detects phosphorylated glutamate receptor 1 protein (GluA1 pS567)

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Lead Inventors
Katherine Roche (NINDS)
John Badger (NINDS)
Marc Lussier (NINDS)
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Therapeutic Areas
This invention includes the generation and use of polyclonal antibodies that specifically recognize the glutamate receptor 1 protein that has been phosphorylated at Serine 567 (GluA1 pS567). Glutamate receptors are ligand-gated ion channels and are the predominant excitatory neurotransmitter receptor type in humans. A peptide sequence on the gene was selected surrounding the phosphorylation site. This peptide was then generated and injected into rabbits to create an immune response. Serum was then collected from the rabbit and the antibodies were affinity purified. The specificity of the antibody was determined using various biochemical techniques.
Commercial Applications
It can be used to study the localization of phosphorylated GluA1.
Competitive Advantages
No other antibody with these specificities exists commercially.

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