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An Antibody to Detect Neuroligin 4Y (NLGN4Y) to Study Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability

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Lead Inventors
Katherine Roche (NINDS)
John Badger (NINDS)
Thien Nguyen (NINDS)
This technology includes the generation and use of an antibody that can detect endogenous Neuroligin 4Y, NLGN4Y, a cell adhesion molecule on the X-chromosome. NLGN4Y is part of an X-Y pair with NLGN4X, which has been implicated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disability. ASD has a sex bias etiology that is not well understood, affecting four times as many males as females. Previous work has revealed a potential pathogenic mechanism for male-bias based on mutations in NLGN4X and NLGN4Y. The use of the NLGN4Y antibody could be used to study potential mechanisms.
Commercial Applications
The Neuroligin 4Y (NLGN4Y) antibody can be used to further study the role of NLGN4Y function in the brain. The antibody can be used to visualize NLGN4Y localization in the brain.
Competitive Advantages
Specific Neuroligin 4Y antibody that can detect endogenous Neuroligin 4Y (NLGN4Y) protein level. Current NLGN4Y antibodies do not work well and cannot detect the protein.

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