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Detecting Levels of Chymotrypsin and Amylase using Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies Generated from Purified Human Enzymes

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Lead Inventors
David Jacobowitz (NIMH)
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Therapeutic Areas
The invention relates to rabbit antisera raised against purified human chymotrypsin and amylase. Both chymotrypsin and amylase are produced by the pancreas and play important roles in digestion. Abnormal levels of chymotrypsin and amylase have been known to occur with multiple pancreas-related disorders, including pancreatitis. Measuring levels of these two enzymes using these polyclonal antibodies can help determine if a pancreas is functioning correctly.
Commercial Applications
Diagnostic test measuring the levels of chymotrypsin or amylase
Competitive Advantages
Few human antibodies exist for chymotrypsin and amylase

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