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Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Acute Neurologic Syndrome with Antineuronal Antibodies

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Lead Inventors
Madelein Cunningham (Unversity of Oklahoma Health Science Center)
Christine Kirvan (California State University,Sacramento)
Susan Swedo (NIMH)
The invention is a panel of five tests of patient sera for immune responses that may attack the brain and lead to the characteristic symptoms of pediatric acute neurologic syndrome (PANS). PANS is a condition defined by a sudden onset of obsessive-compulsive symptoms, eating restrictions, and other cognitive and/or behavioral symptoms. Currently, the diagnosis of PANS is made when other possible symptoms are ruled out, a diagnosis of exclusion.

The panel of tests in this invention provides a basis for the diagnosis and treatment of PANS in the setting of symptoms such as obsessions and compulsions, tics, autistic-like behaviors, anorexia nervosa, and deterioration in handwriting. The elevation above the normal mean or range of antibody titers in one or more of these assays indicates that the individual may be a candidate for treatment for PANS, including antibiotic therapy in the case of known infection, and also immunotherapy to treat the autoimmune/inflammatory condition of the brain.
Commercial Applications
Diagnostic test for pediatric acute neurologic syndrome (PANS)
Competitive Advantages
The panel of tests may allow the diagnosis of PANS directly as oppose to a diagnosis of exclusion

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