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The NCGC BioPlanet: A Computational Algorithm to Display Networks in Three Dimensions

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Lead Inventors
Ruili Huang (NCATS)
Christopher Austin (NCATS)
Yuhong Wang (NCATS)
This technology includes a novel computational algorithm and software implementation to map and display biological pathways and their relationship on the surface of a globe in a three-dimensional space. Currently, biological pathways and genes are represented as two-dimensional networks, which is not effective for displaying complicated relationships between pathways and genes.
Commercial Applications
This pathway globe and the corresponding algorithm could significantly enhance the presentation and effectiveness of existing commercial software and applications. For example, biological software and application vendors such as GeneGo could use this idea and algorithm in their products.
Competitive Advantages
Current representations of biological pathways and genes are represented as two-dimensional networks. A three-dimensional representation is potentially a more effective means for displaying these complicated relationships.

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