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Sensor for Real-time Detection of Plasma Metabolites Levels for the Diagnosis and Care of Metabolic Disorders

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Lead Inventors
Omar Ayyub (University of Maryland)
Adam Behrens (University of Maryland)
Anton Simeonov (NCATS)
Gary Cunningham (Children's National Medical Center)
Juan Luque-Cabrera (Children's National Medical Center)
Juan Marugan (NCATS)
Marshell Summar (Children's National Medical Center)
Peter Kofinas (University of Maryland)
This technology includes the development of devices capable of real-time evaluation of metabolite levels for the treatment of numerous metabolic disorders, including hyperammonemia and aminoacidopathies. Currently, the monitoring of metabolite levels is done in a hospital setting with specialized mass spectrometry instrumentation. As a consequence, susceptible patients who are undergoing a crisis need to visit the hospital for testing to determine if there is a metabolite disturbance. The development of a device, including an electrode with immobilized enzymes, could transform the care of these metabolite disorders similar to insulin detection and diabetes.
Commercial Applications
The device included in this technology will allow the real-time evaluation of specific metabolite levels in blood. The device can be used for diagnosis, or for facilitating management, treatment, and follow-up care.
Competitive Advantages
The are no current sensors able to measure the proposed metabolites in real-time.

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