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Optimized Nucleotide Sequence for RLIP-76 - A Membrane-associated Lipid Peroxidation Transporter for Radiation Poisoning

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Lead Inventors
Vinay Vyas (NCATS)
Dominic Esposito (NCATS)
Trevor Broadt (NCATS)
This technology includes a codon optimized expression vector for the high expression and production of RLIP-76 which can be used to provide protection from radiation. RLIP-76 is a multifunctional membrane protein that transports glutathione conjugates of electrophilic compounds outside the cell. The sequence was generated with codon bias alterations, reduction of secondary structure, lowering of GC content, and removal of cryptic elements that could affect expression in E.coli. The final plasmid construct was flanked by Nde1 and Xho1 restriction sites, and contained a triple stop codon to ensure complete translation stop without readthrough.
Commercial Applications
High level expression of codon optimized expression vector would help in the rapid production of RLIP-76 in the event of a radiological event.
Competitive Advantages
Ability to rapidly produce RLIP-76.

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