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New Antimalarial Chemotypes Discovered Through Chemical Methodology and Library Development

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Lead Inventors
John Synder (Boston University)
Aaron Beeler (Boston University)
Chih-Chien (Ken) Cheng (NCATS)
Feng Ni (Boston University)
James Inglese (NCATS)
Jing Yuan (NIAID)
John Porco (Boston University)
Lauren Brown (Boston University)
Rajarshi Guha (NCATS)
Ryan Macarthur (NCATS)
Scott Schaus (Boston University)
Xin-zhuan Su (NIAID)
Disease Areas
This technology includes three new compound classes displaying either differential or comprehensive antimalarial activity across geographically diverse lines. These compounds were identified from a quantitative high throughput screen of a novel chemical library with unique chemical complexity and are potential candidates for treating malaria.
Commercial Applications
This new compound class will be utilized to treat malaria.
Competitive Advantages
Compounds display comprehensive antimalarial activity.

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