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Use of NCGC00117362, NCGC117328, NCGC00117505, NCGC00117477 and NCGC00117166 for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

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Lead Inventors
Ernst Lengyel (University of Chicago)
Hilary Kenny (University of Chicago)
Juan Marugan (NCATS)
Madhu Lal (NCATS)
Marc Ferrer-Alegre (NCATS)
Min Shen (NCATS)
This technology includes the use of a chemical series (compounds NCGC00117362, NCGC117328, NCGC00117505, NCGC00117477, NCGC00117166 and their analogs) as potential treatment for ovarian cancer. These compounds were identified through a high throughput screen (HTS) of 44,806 compounds implemented at NCATS using a layered 3D organotypic assay model of human ovarian cancer metastatic microenvironment containing primary human mesothelial cells, primary human fibroblasts, and extracellular matrix.
Commercial Applications
Compounds to be utilized for the treatment of ovarian cancer.
Competitive Advantages
This is a novel chemical series of compounds that prevent ovarian cancer metastasis in vitro and in animal models.

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