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Generation of Anti-TAT FXN Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies to TAT Domain for Use in Quantitating or Detecting TATFrataxin (TAT-FXN) and Analogs

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Lead Inventors
Erik Wagner (NCATS)
Bonita Rup (Bonnie Rup Consulting LLC)
Xin Xu (NCATS)
Research Products
Disease Areas
This technology includes a strategy to generate antibodies of rabbit origin, both polyclonal and monoclonal, which have strong affinity to the TAT sequence and which enable specific immunocapture or immunodetection of TAT containing frataxin and analogs for quantitative or qualitative assays. In addition, antibodies that react with the FXN region have also been generated with this strategy. The HIV virus encoded a translational activator protein containing a 12 amino acid domain which permits transmembrane delivery of any therapeutic protein containing the sequence.
Commercial Applications
TAT-domain enhanced delivery of proteins or other biomolecules to the target sites has been used to enhance the efficacy of several therapeutics being currently developed. These biologics could involve antibodies, single chain variable regions (ScFv), or any derivative-sequence-containing-peptide, peptide mimetic, or protein containing the amino acid sequence which comprises the paratope of the TAT-binding monoclonal antibodies herein described could be the basis of a detection or quantitation mechanism for a TAT enhanced therapeutic.
Competitive Advantages
Other anti-TAT antibodies are commercially available, but were found to be ineffective in immunocapturing TAT Frataxin, and are likely not to be directed to the same epitope as the 12 amino acid cell penetration sequence that we refer to as “TAT”.

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