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Remodelins, a New Class of Compounds to Prevent or Treat Cancer Metastasis or Glaucoma

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Lead Inventors
Diane Luci (NCATS)
Bharathi Laxman (University of Chicago)
Bohao Chen (University of Chicago)
ChanYoung Park (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)
David Maloney (NCATS)
David McCormick (IIT Research Institute)
Jeffery Fredberg (Havard University School of Public Health)
Jiaolong Wang (University of Chicago)
Julian Solway (University of Chicago Medical Center)
Marsha Rosner (University of Chicago)
Miguel Muzzio (IIT Research Institute)
Nickolai Dulin (University of Chicago)
Ramaswamy Krishnan (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
Stephen Byrn (Purdue University)
Stephen White (University of Chicago)
Suzanne Conzen (University of Chicago)
Tera Lavoie (University of Chicago)
Tong-Chuan He (University of Chicago)
Vadim Gurvich (University of Minnesota)
This technology includes a series of small molecule organic compounds, called remodelins, that are synthetic derivative analogs of a parent compound discovered by screening of a Chembridge library. The novel synthetic derivative analogs were generated through multiple iterations of compounds directed by in vitro experiments. The invention also includes use of these or related molecules to treat cancer and/or glaucoma.
Commercial Applications
Further clinical work with the remodelins could establish these compounds for the inhibition or treatment of cancer metastasis and/or glaucoma.
Competitive Advantages
This invention is a new class of compounds for the treatment of cancer and/or glaucoma.

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