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Small Molecule Inhibitors of LDHA for the Treatment of Glycolytic Cancers

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Lead Inventors
David Maloney (NCATS)
Ajit Jadhav (NCATS)
Alex Waterson (Vanderbilt University)
Anton Simeonov (NCATS)
Bryan Mott (NCATS)
Chi Dang (The University of Pennsylvania)
Daniel Urban (NCATS)
Ganesha Rai Bantukallu (NCATS)
Gary Sulikowski (Vanderbilt University)
Kwangho Kim (Vanderbilt University)
Kyle Brimacombe (NCATS)
Leonard Neckers (NCI)
Matthew Hall (NCATS)
Plamen Christov (Vanderbilt University)
Shyh Yang (NCATS)
Somnath Jana (Vanderbilt University)
Victor Darley-Usmar (University of Alabama @ Birmingham)
William Moore (NCI)
Xin Hu (NCATS)
This technology includes LDHA inhibitors that have been synthesized and tested for the treatment of glycolytic cancers. These compounds may have improved activity over previous compounds.
Commercial Applications
Further clinical work could establish these small molecule inhibitors of LDHA as a first-in-class/target therapy in oncology with a specific focus on glycolytic cancers.
Competitive Advantages
Currently there are no known high-quality inhibitors with demonstrated in vivo activity. These compounds are more potent than these prior art compound and have the potential for demonstrated in vivo activity as well.

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