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Amido compounds as RORgt Modulators for the Treatment of Th17-related Autoimmune Diseases

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Lead Inventors
Daniel Littman (New York University)
Erika Englund (NCATS)
Jun Huh (New York University Medical Center)
Ruili Huang (NCATS)
Wenwei Huang (NCATS)
This technology includes a series of diphenylpropanamides as potent and selective RORgt inhibitors for the treatment of Th17-related autoimmune diseases. The retinoic acid-related orphan receptor RORgt plays an important role in the differentiation of thymocytes, lymphoid tissue inducer cells, and inflammatory T helper-expressing interleukin 17a (Th17) cells. Small molecule RORgt inhibitors may provide means to regulate Th17 mediated immune response.
Commercial Applications
Potent and selective RORgt inhibitors can be used to developed novel treatments for Th17-related autoimmune diseases.
Competitive Advantages
This invention may offer novel therapeutics for the treatment of Th17 autoimmune diseases.

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