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Preparation of Substituted Diarylpropanamides as RORgt Antagonists for the Treatment of Th17-related Autoimmune Diseases

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Lead Inventors
Jeffrey Baron (NICHD)
Youn Jee (NICHD)
This technology includes a series of diphenylpropanamides as potent and selective RORgt inhibitors for the treatment of Th17-related autoimmune diseases. The retinoic acid-related orphan receptor RORgt plays an important role in the differentiation of thymocytes, lymphoid tissue inducer cells, and inflammatory T helper-expressing interleukin 17a (Th17) cells. Small molecule RORgt inhibitors may provide means to regulate Th17 mediated immune response. The novel molecules have potential to treat Th17-related autoimmune diseases.
Commercial Applications
Potent and selective RORgt inhibitors can be used to developed novel treatments for Th17-related autoimmune diseases.
Competitive Advantages
This invention may offer novel therapeutics for the treatment of Th17 autoimmune diseases

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