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Counteracting BECN2-mediated Drug Tolerance to Cannabinoids Through the Use of Autophagy Activation

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Lead Inventors
He Congcong (Northwestern University)
Chen Wang (Northwestern University)
Huang Sui (Northwestern University)
This technology includes the use of autophagy upregulators such as ML246/metarrestin to counteract the tolerance that can build up through the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. Long-term administration of cannabinoids rapidly introduces tolerance and physical dependence, limiting its medical use and may lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Cannabinoids mediate their effect by binding to and activating the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CNR1/CB1). Chronic exposure leads to CNR1 being targeted for degradation through a process of autophagy. A recently found gene, beclin 2 (Becn2), may be involved in targeting CNR1 for degradation, thereby mediating the observed tolerance of cannabinoids.
Commercial Applications
Further clinical work of autophagy upregulators, such as ML246/metarrestin, may be developed into compounds to counteract cannabinoid tolerance.
Competitive Advantages
There are no known approaches to mediate cannabinoid tolerance.

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