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P2Y14 Receptor Antagonists Containing A Biaryl Core

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Lead Inventors
Kenneth Jacobson (NIDDK)
Antonella Ciancetta (NIDDK)
Jinha Yu (NIDDK)
Young-Hwan Jung (NIDDK)
Zhiwei Wen (NIDDK)
Development Stages
Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
The technology discloses composition of compounds that fully antagonize the human P2Y14 receptor, with moderate affinity with insignificant antagonism of other P2Y receptors. Therefore, they are highly selective P2Y14 receptor antagonists. Even though there is no P2Y14 receptor modulators in clinical use currently, selective P2Y14 receptor antagonists are sought as potential therapeutic treatments for asthma, cystic fibrosis, inflammation and possibly diabetes and neurodegeneration.
Commercial Applications
  • Development of P2Y14 receptor antagonist for treatment of disorders, such as:
  • Inflammation
  • diabetes
  • cystic fibrosis
  • asthma
  • neurodegeneration

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