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Amino Acid Substitutions Mutants of Anthrax Protective Antigen, Lethal Factor, and Edema Factor

Research Materials
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Lead Inventors
Stephen Leppla (NIAID)
Anthrax toxin proteins available for licensing. Bacillus anthracis hosts containing plasmids expressing the following proteins are available. (Host strains are generally BH480, or sometimes BH460. Modest amounts of purified proteins (10-50 mg) could also be provided):
  1. PA. Protective antigen, wild type
  2. PA-3M (PA D683A, L685E, Y688K)
  3. PA-3M Cys
  4. PA-U7
  5. PA F427A
  6. PA K563C
  7. PA L687A
  8. PA-U7 K562C
  9. PA D512K
  10. PA GN
  11. PA-3M SoSi-H6
  12. FP59-AGG
  13. EF-A K313R
  14. LFn-linker-Cys
  15. LF E687A
  16. LFnBLA
  17. LFnFLA
Commercial Applications
  • A research material that can be used in the development of assays, validation of products or in quality control.
Competitive Advantages
  • Speed up product development with NIH developed material that has already been tested and validated.

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