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WNT1-Induced Secreted Protein-1 Knockout Mouse Model

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Lead Inventors
Marian Young (NIDCR)
Azusa Maeda (NIDCR)
Mitsuaki Ono (NIDCR)
Development Stages
Pre-clinical (in vivo)
Development Status
In vivo data available (animal)
WNT1-induced secreted protein-1 (WISP1) is expressed at high levels in osteoblasts and their precursors. WIPS1 plays an important role in various aspects of bone formation. Scientists at the NIH generated Wisp1-deficient (Wisp1-/-) mice. Deletion of Wisp1 resulted in a decrease in bone mineral density, total bone volume, bone thickness, and biomechanical strength. Wisp1 knockout mouse model can be used to study the molecular mechanisms of bone turnover and patho/physiology of tissues that express WISP1.
Commercial Applications
  • To study the molecular mechanisms of bone formation and osteodifferentiation.
  • To study the patho/physiology of tissues that express WISP1, including cartilage during osteoarthritis, healing skin, and other soft tissues including lung, pancreas, and heart.

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