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A Novel Virus-Based Expression System

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Lead Inventors
Bernard Moss (NIAID)
Linda Wyatt (NIAID)
Development Status
  • Early-stage
  • In vitro data available
  • Prototype
The present invention is related to a recombinant viral vector for vaccines.

Currently available poxvirus vectors for humans and other animals exhibit suboptimal expression of recombinant gene(s) and high expression of vector proteins which causes weak immunogenicity and high anti-vector immune response.

The present novel virus-based expression vectors are non-replicating in human and animals, have high expression of exogenous genes to achieve strong immunogenicity, demonstrate low expression of vector proteins to minimize anti-vector immune responses and minimize competition with expression of recombinant proteins and are capable of stable propagation in a continuous cell line. The present virus based expression vectors may be suitable for manufacturing vaccines for inducing an immune response in vaccinated individuals.
Commercial Applications
  • Vaccine
  • Tool for studying immune responses
Competitive Advantages
  • Non-replicating in human and animals
  • Achieve high expression of recombinant genes
  • Low expression of vector genes
  • Stable propagation in a continuous cell line

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