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Resolution Enhancement for Line-Scanning Excitation Microscopy

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Lead Inventors
Hari Shroff (NIBIB)
Abhishek Kumar (NIBIB)
Andrew York (NIBIB)
John Giannini (NIBIB)
Development Stages
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The invention describes a method for improving the spatial resolution of optical microscopes that use line-scanning excitation, such as line-scanning confocal microscopes, line-scanning STED microscopes, or line-scanning light-sheet microscopes. Common elements of the invention include: a) an apparatus for exciting and scanning a line-like excitation focus through the sample; b) an optical arrangement on the detection side of the microscope for manipulating the spacing and/or width of the resulting fluorescence emissions; c) integration and optional post-processing of the manipulated fluorescence emissions after capture by an area detector such as a camera. The resolution increase may be performed with no or marginal decrease in temporal resolution relative to the conventional line-scanning microscopes upon which the technique is based.
Commercial Applications
  • Fluorescence microscopy
Competitive Advantages
  • Improved resolution
  • Enhanced acquisition speed relative to other forms of super-resolution microscopy

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