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Human Influenza Virus Real-time RT-PCR Detection and Characterization Panel

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Lead Inventors
Stephen Lindstrom (CDC)
Alexander Klimov (CDC)
Lamorris Loftin (CDC)
Nancy Cox (CDC)
Development Stages
Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
Development Status
In vitro data available
This invention relates to methods of rapidly detecting influenza, including differentiating between type and subtype. Unlike culture and serological tests requiring 5 to 14 days for completion, CDC researchers developed a rapid, accurate assay, which is easily adapted to kit form. This assay also requires less labor input than immunoassays. These methods can be used to quickly identify a broad variety of influenza types and subtypes, including viruses that may be involved in pandemics (such as H5N1, for example).
Commercial Applications
  • Influenza diagnostic using clinical specimens
  • High-throughput screenings
  • Influenza surveillance programs
Competitive Advantages
  • Already FDA approved
  • Especially useful for H5N1 screening
  • Sensitive detection
  • Specific discrimination of influenza subtypes
  • Easily formatted as kit or array
  • Faster than culturing and serological identification methods
  • Less laborious and more objective than immunoassays

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