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Recombinant Pan-Lyssavirus for Use in Rabies and Broad-Lyssavirus Vaccination

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Lead Inventors
Xianfu Wu (CDC)
Charles Rupprecht (CDC)
Ivan Kuzmin (CDC)
Development Status
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
CDC researchers have developed recombinant lyssaviruses that can be used for the development of an improved, broad-spectrum vaccine against several rabies genotypes. Lyssaviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses that cause rabies and rabies-like diseases in mammals. Currently, there are commercially available vaccines that are considered to be effective against infections from a single viral phylogroup; however, these vaccines confer little or no protection against viruses outside of the phylogroup. The present recombinants have glycoprotein-encoding genes from at least two different lyssaviruses and can be used as pan-lyssaviral vaccines to provide protection against infection by multiple lyssavirus phylogroups.
Commercial Applications
  • Pan-lyssavirus vaccines
  • Rabies surveillance and vaccination programs
Competitive Advantages
  • Broad-spectrum vaccine potential
  • Pan-lyssavirus vaccination tools will be particularly beneficial in endemic and developing regions
  • Employs a presently commercialized vaccine backbone/platform, making this innovation easily adaptable for industrial R&D and subsequent large-scale production

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