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Real-time PCR Assay for Detection of Pneumococcal DNA and Diagnosis of Pneumococcal Disease

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Lead Inventors
Maria Da Gloria Carvalho (CDC)
Edwin Ades (CDC)
George Carlone (CDC)
Jacquelyn Sampson (CDC)
Karen McCaustland (CDC)
Development Status
  • Pre-clinical
  • In vitro data available
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
CDC scientists have developed a real-time PCR assay for diagnosing pneumococcal disease using amplification of the bacterial gene encoding pneumococcal surface adhesin A (PsaA). Pneumococcal isolation and identification is often complicated by 1) antimicrobial suppression of growth in culture and 2) contamination by normal flora alpha-streptococci. Further, pneumococcal detection by culture and serological methods can be time-consuming, relatively expensive, laborious and, ultimately, indeterminate. Sensitive and specific assays that can be completed quickly in the clinical laboratory are essential for early diagnosis and effective therapy. This RT-PCR assay provides a tool for quick and accurate diagnosis by physicians and health care technicians and may be useful in evaluating the efficacy of novel pneumococcal vaccines and therapeutics.
Commercial Applications
  • Pneumococcal disease diagnostics and surveillance programs
  • Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine development and improvementt
  • Evaluation of efficacy of anti-pneumococcal therapeutics
Competitive Advantages
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple to implement
  • Rapid, accurate and objectively conclusive
  • Easily implemented as a kit

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