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Signatures of Genetic Control in Digestive and Liver Disorders

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Lead Inventors
Wendy Henderson (NINR)
Nicolaas Fourie (NINR)
Ralph Peace (NINR)
Sarah Abey (NINR)
Development Status
  • Pilot
  • Early-stage
  • Pre-clinical
  • In vitro data available
Disease Areas
Our technology describes unique genetic signatures in patients with digestive diseases and liver disorders. Using comprehensive analysis of 735 microRNAs and 19,000 mRNAs, we have identified a unique set of microRNAs and/or mRNAs which predict disease phenotypes in patients with digestive and liver disorders. The identification of such point-of- care genetic signatures is significant for both personalized biomarkers and novel targeted biotherapeutics. These microRNAs and mRNAs function either together or separately thus modulating protein expressions in one or more signaling pathways. A particular noteworthy signature of genetic control includes miR-150, which is known to modulate target proteins within the Akt signaling pathways implicated in inflammatory processes as well as processes affecting cancer cell proliferation and/or survival.
Commercial Applications
  • Personalized biomarkers
  • Novel targeted biotherapeutic
Competitive Advantages
  • Point-of-care signatures from minimally invasive samples.
  • Protocol streamlined for high-throughput analysis.
  • Quantitative molecular diagnostics.
  • Unique microRNAs and/or mRNAs reveal biological targets within synergistic cellular pathways.

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