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Transgenic Mice with Constitutively Active M3 Muscarinic Receptor in Islet Beta Cells

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Jurgen Wess (NIDDK)
Development Status
In vivo data available (animal)
Q490L point mutation was introduced into the rat M3 muscarinic receptor cDNA to confer persistent, constitutive (ligand-independent) activity. Expression of the M3 receptor mutant was placed under the control of a 650 bp fragment of the rat insulin promoter II (RIP II) to limit expression to the islet beta cell.
Commercial Applications
Diabetes research, especially type II Diabetes.
Competitive Advantages
Beneficial metabolic effects of this mouse model include high basal insulin secretion, improved glucose tolerance, increased serum insulin, and resistance to high-fat diet-induced glucose intolerance and hyperglycemia.

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