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Super-Resolution Fluorescence Enhanced Imaging using Bleaching/Blinking Assisted Localization Microscopy (BALM)

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Lead Inventors
Bechara Kachar (NIDCD)
Development Status
  • Prototype
  • In vitro data available
The invention relates to systems and methods for localization microscopy for superresolution imaging of fluorescent molecules. The method utilizes intrinsic bleaching/blinking properties of fluorophores in which superresolution is achieved by capturing successive images and subtracting from each either the subsequent image. The location of a single fluorescent molecule can be identified when the molecules either photobleach, blink off, or blink between successive images using a higher magnification lens to achieve a smaller pixel size.
Commercial Applications
  • Tissue imaging
  • Cell structure imaging
Competitive Advantages
Higher magnification at lower pixel size

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