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New Cholera Vaccine and Method for Conjugating Bacterial Polysaccharides to Proteins

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Lead Inventors
Pavol Kovac (NIDDK)
Anuj Kalsy (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Dwight Peterson (FDA)
Edward Ryan (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Firdausi Qadri (International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research)
Mohammed Alam (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Peng Xu (NIDDK)
Richelle Charles (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Stephen Calderwood (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Willie Vann (FDA)
Development Status
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
A new conjugate vaccine for cholera has been developed. The invention includes a new method to conjugate the O-specific polysaccharide-core part of the bacterial lipopolysaccharide and protein subcomponents. Conventional technology has entailed chemical treatment of both components to introduce linkers, which made them amenable for covalent linking. The new method simplifies production by utilizing squaric acid chemistry for conjugating the free amine-containing species (e.g. polysaccharides) directly to amine-containing species (e.g. proteins) without prior modification of either component. While demonstrated in this new cholera prototype vaccine, the technology is envisioned as generally applicable, thereby streamlining a complex production process.
Commercial Applications
  • Simplified production of conjugate vaccines
  • New vaccines
Competitive Advantages
  • The method in the present form is simple to perform, gives reproducible results, allows preparation of carbohydrate-protein constructs in a predictable way, and appears to be superior to protocols developed earlier.

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