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Software System for Processing and Analysis of Multi-dimensional NMR Data

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Lead Inventors
Frank Delaglio (NIDDK)
Development Status
  • The software is mature.
  • Binary executables of the software have been widely distributed, both to academic institutions as well as commercial organizations.
  • The software is under active development.
  • The software will be readily available upon request.
Available for licensing is a software system useful in applications involving nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The software system, called NMRPipe, is written in the C programming language, and makes use of the TCL/TK scripting environment. The system includes over 500 modules for processing and analyzing experimental data of one to four dimensions collected on NMR spectrometers. The system exploits the UNIX computer operating system facilities of pipelines and scripts to link modules in a highly flexible, user-definable manner. NMR is a widely used analytical method, applied to both solution and solid state samples. The information obtained from such data pertains to the structure, motion, and interactions of molecular systems, including proteins, nucleic acids, and organic molecules.
Commercial Applications
  • Biomedical research for studying protein and nucleic acid structures and their interactions
  • Chemical applications involving synthesis, identification, or production of organic molecules

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