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T-Cell-Specific Gfi-1 Knockout Mouse

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Lead Inventors
Jinfang Zhu (NIAID)
William Paul (NIAID)
Research Products
This is a mouse model available to study T-cell differentiation. Growth factor independent 1 (GFi-1) is a transcriptional repressor that is transiently induced during T-cell activation. This knockout mouse line is a GFi-1[flox/flox] introduced into a mouse Cre controlled by a CD4 promoter, which allows selective removal of GFi-1 exclusively in T-cells. It has thus-far been used to demonstrate that GFi-1 plays a critical role in enhancing Th2 cell expansion and repressing induction of Th17 and CD103+ iTreg cells.
Commercial Applications
  • Tool for studying T-cell proliferation and differentiation.
Competitive Advantages
CB Process - Contacted LPM for concurrence of Research Material Eval.

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