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Tendon Stem Cells

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Lead Inventors
Marian Young (NIDCR)
Songtao Shi (NIDCR)
Yanming Bi (NIDCR)
Development Status
Early stage
Therapeutic Areas
Reproductive Health
Tendon injuries due to trauma and overuse are common clinical problems that result in significant pain and loss of mobility. Tendon injuries are slow to heal and the healed tendon rarely matches the original in mechanical strength and structural integrity. Due to a limited understanding of basic tendon biology, development of new treatment options for injured tendons has posed significant challenges.

This invention relates to a cell based therapy. Specifically, it relates to the isolation and enrichment of stem cells from adult tendons, known as tendon stem progenitor cells, that can form tendon structures and are capable of integrating into bones to form enthesis-like structures. Two extra-cellular matrix proteoglycans, biglycan and fibromodulin, further assist in the maintenance and multiplication of these tendon stem cells.
Commercial Applications
  • Treatment of damaged tendons that are slow to repair after injury.
  • May remedy other pathological conditions that are caused by ectopic calcification such as ectopic calcification that occurs around artificial heart valves or that develops in the rare inherited disease, Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

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