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HIV Monoclonal Antibodies

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Lead Inventors
Patricia Earl (NIAID)
Bernard Moss (NIAID)
Christopher Broder (NIAID)
Robert Doms (NIAID)
Development Status
  • Murine hybridomas available
  • T32 mAb available
This technology describes several hybridomas that produce monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) useful in HIV research applications. The mAbs are specific for either gp41 or gp120. In particular, the hybridomas producing mAbs designated D19, D56, M12, T8 and T24 (all anti-gp120), and T32 and T33 (gp41 specific) were found to be of particular utility. Additional hybridomas expressing mAbs disclosed in the publications may also be available.
Commercial Applications
  • HIV research

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